Schwarzenegger Sues Over Exploitation Of Name And Image


Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed a $10 million (£6.25 million) against nutritional, Nevada-based, supplements company’s bosses. Allegedly, they have been exploiting his name and image to illegally promote their products.

The Hollywood’s star lawyer, Marty singer, has accused bosses at AN USA Management Group and Arnold Nutrition Group of “shameful conduct”. He insisted that former Mr. Universe “would never endorse or affiliate himself with any fitness or nutritional product without first undertaking rigorous research, testing and due diligence to ensure that the product is healthy and helpful to athletes”.

In the legal papers filed in Santa Monica recently, it is suggested that defendants have “brazenly stolen and exploited Schwarzenegger’s name, image, likeness and reputation to promote Arnold Nutrition and Arnold Nutrition products without ever having contacted him.”

Singer added, “Arnold Nutrition is committing a fraud on the public and will be held fully accountable.”

Schwarzenegger is demanding damages for violation of publicity rights and unfair competition.

It seems like Arnold like to sue. Only a few months after he has taken political office back in 2004, one of his companies sued the maker of a machine gun-toting bobble-head doll for being made in his image.

However, that case was later settled. Schwarzenegger hasn’t always been quarrelsome. He never actually considered that he should sue a video game company, which came out with a game with a character with a thick Austrian accent. We’re just saying.

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