Savannah Guthrie Gives Birth To Girl


Everyone at the Today Show is happy today, because host Savannah Guthrie delivered a healthy baby into the world on Wednesday night.

Guthrie said on Twitter that her 3am wake-up call sounded a lot different and sweeter than usual. Of course, the host is used to not sleeping in, considering she hosts a show that starts at 7 am and demands of her to be in the studio before that to prepare.

The father of the baby, Michael Feldman, and Guthrie got married in March. The baby’s name is Vale and measured in at eight and a half pounds and 20 inches long. According to Guthrie’s co-host on Today, Matt Lauer, he received a text in the wee hours of the morning that contained a picture of the baby’s tiny foot.

He soon notified the rest of the show’s team, who are thrilled for Guthrie and her family.

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