Sarah Silverman Thankful To Be Alive After Health Scare


According to comedian Sarah Silverman, she is lucky to be alive after having to undergo surgery for a case of epiglottitis.

The condition results in the swelling of the cartilage that covers the windpipe, which was giving her trouble breathing. This blockage in the windpipe did not allow enough air to enter her lungs and as a result, Silverman had to have emergency surgery. She spent an entire week in intensive care.

Silverman thought it was just a sore throat but soon found out that it was much more serious. She stated on her Facebook page that she couldn’t be put to sleep after the surgery because her blood pressure was extremely low.

Silverman said that she needed to be heavily medicated during the recovery process and her hands had to be restrained so that she wouldn’t be able to pull out her breathing tube. The comedian says that she is very thankful to the entire hospital staff for saving her life.

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