Santana Interested in Collaborating with Gaga


Guitar hero and rock legend Carlos Santana has been know over the last 20 years for collaborating with some of the most popular artists of the time. His string of popular collaborations began in the 1990s, when he teamed up with people like Everlast and Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 and created big hits.

So, who would Santana like to collaborate with today? According to reports, he is very interested in teaming up with Lady Gaga and doing something with her in the studio. He said that he was approached by Gaga’s father once, and asked when he was going to collaborate with her.

Santana is currently working with some younger Latino artists on an album, including Romeo Santos, Pitbull and Miguel.

Gaga is only one of the many people that the guitarist still wants to work with. According to reports, he really wants to hook up in the studio with Sting and opera singer Andrea Bocelli as well.

Another person that Santana really wants to work with? The Purple One himself – Prince.

Santana said that he would love to work with Prince, who he considers to be a genius. He said that the two have played a variety of events together, but that he would like to go into the studio and create some songs with Prince.

Santana and Price could be a great collaboration, considering the fact that Prince is not only a singer, he is a multi-instrumentalist and a guitar player that most people would but on the same level as Santana when it comes to pure talent and skill.

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