Salma Hayek Moving To London With Her Family


London’s just about to get a new celebrity couple. Selma Hayek and her French billionaire husband of five years, Francois-Henri Pinault decided to move to the British capital with their six-year old daughter, Valentina.

The tale of two cities continues, since the couple rented a house in West London where they will move from Paris. However, their decision immediately started rumors claiming the reason for them moving is due to a new tax law in France, but Hayek dismissed any such claims in an interview with The Times saying, “I want to clarify; it’s not for tax reasons. We are still paying taxes here in France.”

“We think that London has a lot more to offer than just a better tax situation. Francois is very excited; he thinks London is very cosmopolitan. I think it will be good for my career too.”

Hayek adds, “Finding the house has been so stressful. We are redecorating now. Francois and I are looking at lots of interiors magazines. It’s our five-year wedding anniversary and it’s like we’re moving in together for the first time, a new chapter.”

However, the house wasn’t the only problem. Selma admitted having difficulties finding her daughter Valentina the right school stating, “The school bosses want to put her one year behind, because she is born in September, and I disagree with the system. As good as schools are, if they don’t recognize how special my child is – she speaks three languages and understands five – then they’re not that good, are they?!”

Well Selma, when in Rome.

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