Sacha Baron Cohen Presents A Clip From His Newest Film


Since “Borat” was released way back in 2006, Sacha Baron Cohen has been mercilessly shocking Hollywood with more controversial movies, such as “Bruno” and “The Dictator“. Controversial might even be kind of an understatement considering how many people this single man has managed to offend in the last ten years.

What really matters is that he’s returned, and with yet another piece of art that we can’t wait to check out. If you don’t enjoy his sense of humor, you’re still going to want to check the movie out after seeing this clip.

Namely, the actor/comedian was asked to play a segment from his latest film titled “The Brothers Grimsby” in front of a live studio audience on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and so he did. The audience’s reaction? Priceless. Though the content of the clip itself was not shown, the camera was on the audience the whole time, and judging from their response, this is going to be the best (worst?) one yet. Check it out!

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