Ryan Reynolds Says He’s Thrilled To Have A Baby Girl

Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has recently been honored with the title “Sexiest Dad Alive” and with good reason – he’s not just good-looking, but also extremely loving and caring.

When asked about his little girl James in a recent interview, he said that he couldn’t be more thrilled to raise a daughter. He even affectionately dubbed her “Shrimpie.” Even though he named his daughter after his late father, Reynolds said that he actually wanted a girl all along. One of the reasons for dreaming about a daughter is his family background; being the youngest of four boys, he was “less a sibling and more of a moving target.”

Because of that, the actor has no problem whatsoever with being “surrounded by estrogen,” as he is the only man in the house nowadays. In fact, he admitted that it’s just what he’d been hoping for ever since his wife Blake Lively got pregnant in early 2014.

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