Ryan Gosling Has A Stalker Who Thinks They Are Twin Souls


Ryan Gosling was granted a temporary restraining order against alleged stalker Grace Marie Del Villar.

According to court documents obtained by E! News, the 34-year-old woman has been stalking both Gosling and his family for months now. She believes that she is Ryan’s twin soul or twin flame.

The actor claims Del Villar has “harassed and stalked and sought to have personal contact with” himself, mother Donna Gosling and sister Mandi Gosling.  For this reason, he requested the restraining order against the stalker for his mother, sister, partner Eva Mendes and daughter Esmeralda.

Court documents report that things got really bad on Oct. 29, 2014, when she “travel(ed) cross-country from New York to Los Angeles, track(ed) down and show(ed) up uninvited late at night” at “a Gosling family-member residence and demand(ed) entry and access to the Goslings.”

Gosling said that Del Villar is delusional and “believes she knows the Gosling family, and that they know her, and that they are actually searching for her and have been for the past three-years.”

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