Rush Limbaugh Does Not Approve Of Idris Elba Potentially Playing James Bond


After the Sony hack revealed that one of the company’s execs suggested casting Idris Elba as James Bond once Daniel Craig leaves, the always controversial (and often terribly racist) Rush Limbaugh felt the need to give the world his two cents on the matter.

Not surprisingly, he does not approve of a black person playing the legendary secret agent, even if the person in question is someone so immensely talented as Idris Elba. While many think that the handsome Briton would be perfect for the role, the conservative radio talk show host thinks that James Bond should stay what he always was – a white Scot.

Limbaugh said that James Bond always was and will be white and Scottish, and that he should continue to be so, even though that might sound racist.

He seems to be forgetting, though, that James Bond has not been played by a Scottish person since Sean Connery.

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