Rumors About Depp Suffocating Heard With A Pillow Spread Like Wildfire


As it normally goes, scandals have a way of taking hold of people’s lives and not letting go until no privacy is left, and that is exactly what’s happening with the toxic divorce drama that is currently taking Hollywood by storm.

Johnny Depp is losing points with every passing minute, as Amber Heard, his short-term wife, talks more and more about the awful way he treated her during their relationship.

Some quite graphic photos found their way to People magazine, where you can see Heard’s face looking miserable and abused and these images have started a tidal wave of sympathy for the actress, while Depp is being increasingly demonized every day.

Many of the actor’s friends still claim without a fault that Heard is doing this as a ploy to get her hands on Depp’s money, and at this point, nothing is certain anymore. Has Depp’s behavior really changed so dramatically in the past couple of years? Or has Heard simply found a way to get some money playing a sacrificial goat? It is too soon to tell.

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