Rosie O’Donnell Infuriates Autism Activists


Rosie O’Donnell is in whole lot of celebrity trouble and she has no one else to blame but herself. She was performing at Carolines on Broadway last weekend and she fired off a joke that didn’t sit very well with the people who have autism or who are involved in the issue in any way.

Her joke revolved around having troubles raising her teenage kids and being willing to trade them for autistic triplets. The joke is not only offensive, but it doesn’t really sound funny either.

Here at CelebrityDirt, we have neither the academic education nor the cultural awareness to start judging which things can be the butt of the jokes and which cannot, so we will not go commenting whether Rosie should have done it. People from the National Autism Association were very clear about what they think, telling her she was, and we quote, “mushy dog s***”.

Of course, Rosie is now apologizing the hell out of herself, but we suspect that the damage has been done.

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