Rose McGowan’s Dog Almost Killed A Woman


In the spirit of recent events, many people now firmly believe that Hollywood stars should really look after their pets themselves. Confused? Good, let us explain everything.

You know Rose McGowan? The insanely beautiful actress from the TV series Charmed, who is quite probably haunting the dreams of millions of men around the world? Well, it turns out that she has a large dog named Noodle, and Noodle somehow managed to knock over an elderly woman on her back so hard she hit her head on the pavement and cracked her skull as a result.

Elna Ebner, who is 85, explained that she was walking with her daughter in the Hollywood Hills when the accident took place. The old lady is now suing McGowan for bazillions of dollars, to which the actress responded with a simple “Sorry, ain’t my fault, y’all!” Well, that’s not exactly what she said, but it’s the summary. To quote her:

“Elna walks through the neighborhoods every day. She’s a trooper. I was working in NYC when my dog walker stopped to talk to two of my neighbors. My sweet as pie foster dog, Mrs. Noodle, a large but terribly gently mixed breed put her paws on the knees of a woman that stands 4’7″.The woman was standing on the hill’s 65 percent incline. This terribly sad accident was an unfortunate sequence of events. Do I wish this tiny elderly woman hadn’t stopped to talk to my foster dog? Yes. Did it happen? Yes. Am I responsible? No.”

To sum it up, McGowan believes she is not to blame because Noodle was under the care of a dog walker when the accident took place. We’ve yet to see how the whole case will turn out in court, but things aren’t looking too bright for McGowan.

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