Rose McGowan Releases A Music Video


Rose McGowan’s golden years are definitely behind her and these days we are exposed to her many attempts to reclaim some of her fame. The latest one of these involves a video for a song called RM486 (all similarities to the nomenclature of the old IBM microprocessors are probably unintentional).

The video is a rather manic attempt to be all kinds of artistic and edgy but which ends up being little more than four minutes and four seconds of McGowan’s boobs. The costumes are just plain silly and cheap and the influences are so obvious and ridiculous it stops being funny very quickly.

As for the song itself? Try to imagine a clumsy combination of Vangelis at his laziest and Kylie Minogue at her worst (not that her worst is not better than most people’s best).

In short, it’s no good.

WARNING: Video contains some explicit content (McGowan’s boobs).

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