Roman Polanski’s Appeal To Dismiss His 1977 Statch Rape Case Denied


Roman Polanski’s legal troubles regarding his statutory rape case are still an ongoing thing, even though they have dropped far out of the public eye. After pleading guilty to statutory rape, which occurred in 1977, Polanski remains a fugitive, meaning he refuses to return to the States, which complicates his efforts to close the case.

The director’s lawyers claim judicial misconduct and want to use it as the grounds to dismiss the case. They claim that a judge who was handling the case committed misconduct after he was pressured by another judge to ignore Polanski’s dismissal motion.

The appeal has now been denied because Polanski refuses to return and remains a fugitive.

The director pleaded guilty to one count of statutory rape of a 13-year old, which took place in Los Angeles during a photo shoot. He was initially charged with five offenses but entered a plea bargain in order to be face only one, less severe criminal charge.

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