Robin Williams’ Widow And Kids In A Nasty Legal Battle Over His Estate


Although the world is still mourning the tragic death of beloved actor and comedian Robin Williams, his family has begun fighting over the late star’s possessions. Williams’ widow and kids are currently involved in an unpleasant legal battle and neither side is willing to negotiate.

Williams’ wife Susan claims that her husband’s property was ‘unilaterally removed’ from their Tiburon, California home just days after his suicide, according to the New York Times.

The comedian’s kids, Zak, from Robin’s first marriage to Valerie Velardi, Zelda and Cody from his second marriage to Marsha Williams assert that they were named the estate’s beneficiaries. Further, they say that they were only following their father’s wishes.

Susan and Robin got married in 2011 and had a prenuptial agreement. The Academy Award-winning actor set up a trust for Susan, which includes their house and everything in it, as well as enough money to cover her for a lifetime, reports Susan’s lawyer Jim Wagstaffe.

“Mr. Williams wanted his wife to be able to stay in her home and not be disrupted in her life with her children. Compared to what the Williams children were set to receive from their father, this is a bucket of water in a lake”

Williams’ family is also disputing over his personal effects, including his memorabilia, awards and other personal items.

His kids haven’t been allowed access to the Tiburon home, because Susan says she ‘became frightened of the co-trustees invading her home.’

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