Robin Williams Lives Again Through A Dog


Even though there will be no new movies featuring Robin Williams’ acting coming out after his death, there will be one that will feature his voice. In the new movie Absolutely Everything, the late actor voices a dog called Dennis.

The movie stars Simon Pegg, whose character Neil Clarke has a special gift. He gets to do absolutely everything he wants in life, as long as what he does won’t hurt anyone else.

Of course, Williams was well known for his voice acting as well. Most will remember that he was the voice of the genie in Disney’s Aladdin.

The 63-year-old actor was found dead in his home in August of last year of an apparent suicide.

The film will give his fans one last opportunity to hear his voice at least in a new movie. Absolutely Anything is slated to be released in August, three days after the one-year anniversary of his death.

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