Robin Thicke’s New GF Busted Thanks To Selfies


The Canadian singer was not shy about his heartbreak and his painful divorce from his wife. Thicke talked about it a lot and wrote a bunch of songs about it too. But now it seems he’s finally moved on!

He has been seen several times with a young, beautiful woman but her identity remained unknown until now. TMZ used their stalker-like investigative skills and figured out that the girl in question is a model named April Love Geary. So far we know her name, we know she’s very young – 19 or 20, and that she spends a lot of time at Thicke’s house, at least judging from her selfies.

TMZ compared some of Geary’s selfies with the photos of Robin Thicke’s house that are posted on a real estate site that is selling his place. Judging from the details, such as a picture in the bedroom and the headboard of the bed, it’s definitely the same house!

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