Robin Thicke And Pharrell Call Beethoven To The Rescue


As we have recently learned (from his own mouth), Robin Thicke did not write his No.1 hit “Blurred Lines.” It was Pharrell Williams who wrote most of the song, but the trouble surrounding this major radio hit does not stop there.

Robin Thicke is actually being sued by Marvin Gaye’s children who claimed that he plagiarized their father’s song “Give It Up.”

In an attempt to prove they did not steal anything from the Motown legend, Thicke and Williams spoke about Beethoven.

If there is such a thing as stealing repeated notes, then Gaye stole that from Ludwig’s 5th Symphony (the point here being that repeated notes are as old as the music itself).

Their defense strategy also included claiming that “Blurred Lines” actually sounds more like “Working In A Coal Mine” than “Give It Up.” And now we sit and wait for Allen Toussaint to sue them as well.

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