Rob McElhenney Skillfully Photobombs Arnie


While everyone was busy watching the action in the ring during UFC 187, there were of course people who were checking out what else was going on in the crowd. In today’s world where everything is dissected online, of course there were going to be a bunch of people who were more interested with who was at the event and what they were doing.

And where would you find such information? On Reddit, of course. Some Redditors were commenting about what celebs were in the crowd that night, and of course, most noticed that there were a couple nice shots of the Terminator himself, and former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger seen during the pay-per view broadcast.

But what not many saw was who was sitting close to Arnie, but a little bit behind it. It was no other than It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia funny man Rob McElhenney. And at one point during the night, Rob did an awesome photobomb while Arnold was mugging away and giving the camera a thumbs up. All the while, Rob was staring down the camera in a creepy way that only Rob and few other people can.

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