Rihanna’s New Video Is A Total Boob Attack


The title may sound like we think there is something wrong with the video, but we do not. We are just stating the obvious. For the most part of the Rihanna‘s new video Kiss it Better, she is sporting some very sheer outfits. And when we say sheer, we mean sheer. It’s like she is wearing nothing sheer.

She and the director (probably) made a smart decision to downplay all the boobage with a sleek, black and white look which does not allow the video to turn vulgar at any point. It is quite possible that Rihanna created a new type of (semi-)nudity with this video, the SFW nude.

Rihanna has been one of our favorite celebrities for quite a while and we are just so happy to see that she is still not afraid to push the envelope. Some people will probably have a problem with this vid, but we sure don’t. Haters gonna hate, right?

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