Rihanna Somehow Still Has Feelings For Chris Brown


We here at Celebrity Dirt have seen many breakups, reunions, and passionate relationships, but Rihanna’s attitude towards Chris Brown in a recent interview for Vanity Fair really came as a surprise. Apparently, not only did she admit to believing she could change Brown after the beating that he gave her, but she also added:

“We’re not friends, but I will care about him until the day I die.”

Whoa, whoa, stop the press, Rihanna, baby, what are you saying? How could any woman love a man who thinks it’s a good idea to beat her up as a means of coping with his own past experiences with domestic violence? How could such an exquisite female as yourself have any sympathy for a man who claims that his troubled past helped him see clearly how to treat a woman? All these questions will have to remain unanswered for now.

In the interview, she briefly mentioned the aftermath of the incident:

“I was very protective of him. I felt that people didn’t understand him. Even after… But you know, you realize after a while that in that situation you’re the enemy.”

She also encouraged everybody dealing with domestic violence to stand up and let their voices be heard – she explained that sitting silent and putting up with such a gruesome deed is the worst thing you can do in such a situation.

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