Rihanna Rocks The Stage At The Billboard Music Awards


Haters gonna hate, but sometimes even the biggest haters are left at a loss for words, and that is exactly what happened after Rihanna’s awe-inspiring performance last night at the Billboard Music Awards.

Rihanna has been called out a lot in the last few months thanks to her decision not to perform at the Grammys this February. According to her, she could not perform them because she got bronchitis. Naturally, this caused an avalanche of negative talk and gossip that the celebrity singer lost her edge and is panicking about her comeback.

Tough there is a chance that insecurities plagued Rihanna’s mind, they seems to be in the past as she comes back through the big door with her wow-worthy performance of “Love on the Brain.” After a second of amazed silence, the singer’s colleagues greeted Rihanna with a thundering applause and ovations, and she glowed in the light of her spotlight effortlessly.

It looks like both Rihanna’s performance and her Billboard Chart Achievement Award opened a new chapter in the singer’s career, and we can’t wait to to see what comes next.

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