Rihanna Responds To CBS Skipping Her Thursday Night Football Intro


CBS, the station that broadcasts Thursday Night Football, decided last minute to pull a Rihanna track that was supposed to kick off the broadcast. And the pop star was not at all thrilled about it.

Rihanna sent some swear words their way via Twitter, saying that since the decided not to play the song on the first night of Thursday Night Football, they won’t be getting the track for the rest of the season either.
Thursday Night was a somber one around the NFL.

A video had just leaked of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice hitting and knocking out his girlfriend.

The video was taken from a surveillance camera in an Atlantic City hotel over the off-season. After a heated argument, Rice punched the woman, who is now his wife, knocking her out cold. He then proceed to drag her out of the elevator by her feet. Apparently, Rihanna doesn’t think that this was reason enough to cut her pop song from the game’s intro.


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