Rihanna Opens Up About Beyoncé Feud Rumors


Rihanna and Beyoncé are the most talented, popular and loved pop stars in the world today, both topping the charts, selling out concerts and always speaking their minds. Celebrity gossip news has, however, recently pointed out that the two divas don’t seem to like each other.

Those feud rumors only intensified when Beyonce released her hit single ‘Formation’ immediately after Rihanna’s Anti album release. Though both the singers were silent on the matter, Rihanna dismissed the rumors in the latest issue of Vogue, stressing that she doesn’t have the need to compete with anybody.

She explained that people enjoy listening to negative rumors, especially if two internationally famous musicians are competing against each other. She understands that celebrity rivalries are something that makes the headlines and gets folks excited, but that’s ‘just not what I wake up to.’ Rihanna added that she ‘can only do me,’ concluding that ‘nobody else is going to be able to do that.’

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