Rihanna Drops Two Grand On S&M Gear


Rihanna was never afraid of making her sexuality known to world, but we have to say that we paused when we heard about Rihanna ordering some S&M gear to be custom made for her. Not that there is anything wrong with this, but we were wondering how this became public knowledge.

It turns out that the sizeable order (upwards of $2,000) was made for the purposes of Rihanna’s new video that is being filmed. The Stockroom, a famous Silverlake BDSM store had its hands full as it needed to complete the order before the start of this week and the shooting of the video.

According to sources, Rihanna had to share some seriously intimate details with the Stockroom people for the purposes of making the outfit, such as her ‘nipple to nipple’ or ‘shoulder top to top nipple’ measurements.


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