Rihanna Delays Tour Due To Production Problems


If you had plans to see Rihanna in concert in the next few months, it looks like you’ll have to wait to hear her sing a bit longer than you planned. A source reveals that the 27-year-old musician is postponing the tour titled “Anti” due to “production” problems. All the dates have been delayed for two weeks and the North American tour will now officially start on March 12th in Jacksonville, Florida.

A few days ago, Rihanna had also canceled her performance at the Grammys due to a throat infection that was getting out of hand. Her rep claims that her doctor prohibited her from singing for a rest period of 48 hours because there was a chance that her vocal cords might start hemorrhaging (ouch!). She had previously been on antibiotics but it seems that performing at the Grammys would have further damaged her voice.

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