Rick Ross’ Ex Asks Chris Brown’s Ex For Advice


There is nothing easy about running (and writing for) a celeb blog like CelebrityDirt. You gotta keep tabs on all kinds of celebs and sort-of-celebs.

And then, just when you start thinking you got everything sorted out, you realize you now have to keep track of their former partners. Right now, we’re finding out that a girl who used to date Rick Ross, Lira Galore, is trying to get in touch with Chris Brown’s ex, Karrueche Tran, via her manager Jacob York (Karrueche’s agent, not Lira’s).

It seems Lira got used to being in the spotlight and she doesn’t want it to end now that she is no longer dating Ross. Moreover, she wants to act and she thinks that Karrueche might have some useful advice for her, having made this modeling-acting transition herself.

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