Rene Zellweger’s “New” Face Is The Mystery Of The Week

ELLE's 21st Annual Women In Hollywood - Arrivals

When Rene Zellweger appeared on the red carpet at the ELLE Women Of Hollywood Awards on Monday night, many people didn’t even recognize her.

When it became clear it was her, the question everyone was (and still is) asking is “What happened to her face?”

The 45-year old actress appeared so different compared to her last public appearance from a few years back, that for most people there was no doubt – she had a lot of plastic surgery done.

The actress, however, denies she had surgery and says that she went through some changes and engaged in a drastically healthier lifestyle compared to before, when there were quite a few “unhealthy choices” making constant appearances in her life.

Her new look would then be the result of the natural process of aging and a healthy lifestyle. Some experts propose this could be true, but that there was definitely some minor cosmetic surgery involved in the change as well.

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