Rejoice! Kim Kardashian Is Pregnant Again!


It looks like all of the hard work has finally paid off (though some might not consider having sex with Kim Kardashian hard work). Sources close to reality star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West say that the power couple is having baby number two.

Their first daughter North West is about to turn two years old this month. Kardashian stated on numerous occasions that she wanted more children. She said that since she grew up around many siblings, she would like North to have the same type of experience.

However, the reality star did admit that her first pregnancy was a pretty rough one and that she isn’t that thrilled about going through that again.

And if you’ve been watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” and we know you have, Kim has been talking about all of the effort they have been putting in to conceiving. She said that they have been having sex 500 times a day, not literally, but still – lucky Kanye!

Kim also visited several fertility specialists and did a lot of things to help get pregnant, like putting an end to eating sugary foods and dyeing her hair. The good news is, it’s done!

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  • coneyro

    All I can say is. “Who cares?”. It’s really sad that the public has such boring lives that they have to live it through others. I’m not saying this out of envy or jealousy. Show biz folks, for the most part, are not rooted in the real world. Unless a script is given to many of them, answers to real life problems are beyond their understanding. And what “normal” parent is going to outfit a child in something that costs more than the average person makes in a week, and will quickly outgrow? That’s why these kids grow up feeling entitled and emotionally messed up. A childhood not based in reality. I hope the child is healthy, mental issues of the parents notwithstanding.

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