Reese Witherspoon Wants Steamy Sex Scenes In New Flick


Reese Witherspoon is generally perceived as a bit of a nice girl and a perky, but pretty straight-laced Southern belle. This is something that the actress seems to want to shake off, with her latest movie Wild.

The movie is a biopic about Cheryl Strayed, a divorcee who embarks on a long, solitary journey along the Pacific Crest Trail.

The movie is based on Strayed’s autobiography, which Witherspoon read on a plane and decided right there and then that she wants to make it into a movie. In a recent interview for Vogue, the actress said that this movie will show a different side of her.

She wants everything to be real and raw, including the sex scenes and things like shooting heroin. “Breaking Bad” like this is probably not easy for her, considering she (allegedly) had to have a session with a hypnotist before shooting the sex scenes.

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