Rapper Webbie Decides To Get Baptized (VIDEO)


We all know that Webbie is a pretty bad guy. He used to rap a lot with Lil Boosie, who had tons of run-ins with the law. And to be completely honest, Webbie was no saint himself. He was arrested once for drugs back in 2011 and then again for battery in 2012. So perhaps he’s now trying to make good on his checkered past.

So what did he do? Weebie decided to get baptized this Easter. He was at his local church in Louisiana this Sunday. The preacher asked at the end of the Easter sermon if there was anyone in attendance who wanted to get baptized, and Webbie said “yes, Lord!”

It’s great that it only takes about 30 seconds and a nice dip in the tub to become a Christian and repent your sins, right? And to celebrate the event, Webbie did what any good Christian Louisiana native would do, he went and had a boiled crawfish lunch with his buddies!

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