Rapper Apologizes for “Jew Costume”


Rapper Macklemore has had to make an apology for a costume that he wore on stage at a recent show. The costume was said by many to look as if it was poking fun at a Jewish stereotype and Macklemore was even being branded as being anti-Semitic by some.

During a part of his recent show in Seattle, the rapper was wearing a costume that included a large plastic nose, a black wig and a beard. Some people thought that the rapper was making fun of Jewish stereotypes, but Macklemore disagrees. He tweeted immediately, saying that he was wearing a witch’s nose, a beard and a black wig. He added that it was a completely random costume idea and that he was not trying to offend anyone with it.

However, this was not enough to appease the people who were offended by the getup, so the rapper had to go on his official website and release a statement for his critics.

He said that there is nothing worse than being misunderstood, especially in cases in which people are offended and hurt. He said that he has always loved dressing up when performing and that he has been doing it his whole career, and reiterating that it was a random costume that was not meant to mimic, poke fun of, or offend anyone.

He said that the character that he dressed up in was not supposed to be Jewish, and added that there was no intentional cultural identity or background involved in the creation of the costume. He also said that the idea of the so-called Jewish stereotype never crossed his mind. He also apologize to anyone he might have unintentionally offended with the costume.

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