Rapper 50 Cent Responds to Son’s Rant


According to 50 Cent, it was not his fault that he missed his son’s graduation. The rapper said that his son’s mother did not invite him to the high school graduation ceremony, which is why he did not attend.

His song Marquise Jackson posted on Facebook after the graduation and criticized the rapper for not showing up to his big event, which took place at a private school in Atlanta.

50’s son posted a picture of himself at the graduation with his mother and sister. He said that he was disappointed that the rapper did not show up, and added that his sister and mom are always there for him and that he was able to graduate high school with the rapper’s help.

50 Cent accused his wife of spreading these rumors and making a private matter into a public spectacle. He said that he never received an invitation to the graduation and explained that at the time of the graduation, he was on a film set in Budapest, Hungary with Jude Law and Jason Statham.

He says that he would have made it to the graduation if he had known about it and once again blamed his ex for the entire incident, adding that he wishes that she would find someone else and leave him alone.

He also talked about how hard it is as a performer to balance a career and family life, especially when he is traveling and moving around the country all of the time. He said that it’s tough, because the relationship between him and Marquise is completely dictated by the son’s mother.

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