Prosecutor Says Lindsey Lohan’s Community Service Was Bogus


When prosecutor Terry White learned about the activities that Lidnsey Lohan was doing as community service, he expressed his indignation and said that this kind of BS just won’t pass. The actress was sentenced to 80 hours of community service after her reckless driving charge in 2012.

Right now, she is trying to include hanging out with fans and basically letting them follow her around as community service, which is not acceptable, according to White.

Apparently, Lindsey got credit for a meet-and-greet with her fans in London, counting as 18 hours of community service, and another 70 hours for basically letting fans follow her around in what she called “work shadowing.” The prosecutor says this won’t fly, not only because it’s ridiculous but also because she wasn’t even working at the time.

If prosecutor White succeeds in proving that Lohan did not meet the requirements of the sentence she was given, she may actually face jail time.

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