Proof That Are The Clooneys Expecting!


George Clooney once said that he was not interested in having children. But let us remind you, he also said that he never wanted to get married, and look what happened.

George and his wife Amal were hanging out in West Hollywood recently and some photographers got some good shots of the couple.

And in one of the photos, it looks like Amal might be sporting a baby bump. Is she pregnant? According to Clooney’s people she is not. But there’s a good chance that they are just trying to keep it a secret.

And if Amal was able to change George‘s mind about marriage, there’s a good chance that she would be able to sway his opinion on parenthood as well. And if it is true and they do end up having a child, we know it’s going to be beautiful and talented, and probably super smart as well. Time will tell.

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