Prince Harry Put His Life On The Line In Fight Against Poachers


British royal Prince Harry is doing what he can to stop poaching in Africa after the death of Cecil the Lion. According to sources close to the royal family, Harry was flown out to South Africa secretly and is currently based at a military camp in Kruger Park, where he will be joining an anti-poaching unit.

Harry is a regular fixture in Africa, constantly working on conservation projects on the continent.

Kruger Park, where he is stationed currently, is one of the biggest game reserves on the planet and according to sources, the royal family member has joined Operation Corona, which is the largest anti-poaching campaign in South Africa currently that is government-led.

The 30-year-old royal is said to be part of a night patrol army unit that is made up of hundreds of infantry, rangers and police who patrol the park and make sure that all of the animals are safe from harm.

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