Prince Didn’t Leave A Will – What’s Next?


The late, great Prince might have been incredibly detailed in the studio, but it was a completely different story in other aspects of his life – namely his finances.

It has been confirmed that the Purple One didn’t even write a will, so no one really knows who is going to get what in terms of his estate and what he left behind. But according to sources close to the pop icon, that’s only a small part of the financial chaos that was the Prince estate.

Sources say that the celebrity singer had been refusing to sign any paperwork for the last five years at least, since he apparently didn’t trust anyone he was going business with. It has been known that Prince hated the music industry’s business side and believed that he was being screwed over for a lot of money at the beginning of his career.

Sources added that Prince tended to change lawyers and financial representation like socks, never keeping anyone around for more than a year. It’s going to be a daunting task for his family to figure out who gets what, no doubt about it.

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