President Obama Reads Mean Tweets About Him (VIDEO)


youtube video source / Jimmy Kimmel Live

If you’re a fan of the Jimmy Kimmel show, then you know that the “Mean Tweets” bit is one of his most popular ones. Usually, it consists of celebrities and athletes reading mean things that regular people have said about them on Twitter.

This time it was the celebrity of all celebrities – the President of the United States of America! Granted, the tweets were not all that mean. Some people made fun of his big ears, others made fun of his jeans, and some called him incompetent. Frankly, the good people at Fox News insult him much more on an everyday basis.

Obama has shown in the past that he is a good sport, and it’s no different here. The funniest tweet was probably the one complaining that Obama was to blame for the price of a 30-pack of Coors. Hopefully, getting the prices down on terrible, water-downed beer is something that Obama will be able to accomplish by the end of his term.

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