Power Ranger Murders Man With Samurai Sword

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Remember Power Rangers? If you ever watch the 2002 incarnation of Power Rangers Wild Force, then you probably remember Ricardo Medina Jr.who played the Red Wild Force Ranger.

The actor was been arrested for allegedly stabbing and killing his roommate with a Samuarai sword.
According to sources, Medina was having a fight with his roommate Joshua Sutter. When Sutter tried to barge into Medina’s room, the actor was waiting for him with sword in hand. He ended up stabbing his roomate in the stomach and killing him.

It’s also important to note the irony of the fact that he later played Deker in the Power Rangers Samurai series.

We wonder if the murder weapon is a prop from the set? Probably not. Medina is currently in jail at the Palmdale Station Jail Facility and is awaiting trial.

Medina is 37 and has also made appearances in popular television shows such as CSI: Miami and ER.

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