Porsche Fires Back In Paul Walker Case


In case you have been living on a deserted island somewhere, Paul Walker lost his life in November 2013 when a Porsche Carrera GT he was in crashed and burned. In the meantime, a legal team representing his daughter Meadow filed a lawsuit, claiming that it was Porsche’s fault that the famous actor died.

In their lawsuit, they argue that Paul was unable to get out of the car following the crash because of a number of faulty systems in the said Carrera GT. For a while, we haven’t heard nothing about the case and the situation in general.

Today, however, we are learning that Porsche is finally “fighting back”, claiming that Walker’s death had nothing to do with the quality of the car and that the main reason for the crash was the fact that the car was speeding at the time. They also added that the car had been modified and maintained in an improper way.

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