Police Unable To Link The Knife Found On O.J. Simpson’s Estate To The 1994 Murders


LAPD officers investigating the knife found buried on celebrity American football player O.J. Simpson’s former estate have been unable to link it to the weapon used in the killings of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Lyle.

While investigators did their best to harvest some usable DNA or other material that could possibly link the weapon to the murders that took place in 1994, the DNA testing produced no matches due to the microbes in the soil, which made it impossible to get a useful sample. Moreover, an official (who asked to remain anonymous) insists that the detectives don’t think it’s the same weapon.

Both Simpson and Goldman had deep gashes to their necks, in addition to a large number of other extensive knife wounds. And while the weapon used in the killings has been a mystery for decades (and everyone is pretty anxious to put the case to a close), it seems that the investigators have once again hit a dead-end. All that remains now is to proceed with the waiting game.

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