Police Says Salma Hayek’s Dog Was Shot Dead Legally


Some time ago, Salma Hayek was hit by tragedy as her 9-year old dog Mozart was shot by a neighbor of hers. The dog died from the injuries and Hayek, as anyone else would, got the police involved. Today, however, we are learning that the shooter is not going to be prosecuted for the abominable act.

So, how did the guy who shot one of Hollywood’s favorite celebrities‘ dog dead is avoid prosecution? For the very simple reason that Mozart was on his property when he shot the pooch.

Her neighbor confessed to shooting the dog, saying that Mozart had been coming onto his property all the time, attacking his own dogs. He shot the dog with a pellet gun and the police were actually very surprised that Hayek’s dog would die from injuries inflicted by this type of weapon.

He did. The neighbor goes off scot-free. A sad story.

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