Police Protects Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion


Who says that dentists aren’t suitable celebrities? All you need to do is travel half way across the world and kill an icon of a national park with a bow and arrow and you’ve made it. Well, it seems that Dr. Walter Palmer, now known as the Lion Killer, has bitten off more than he can chew this time as it is reported that he is currently under police protection.

In case you were offline these last 36 hours, Dr. Palmer went to Zimbabwe, where a professional hunter and tracker lured Cecil the Lion to come out of the reservation so that the dentist could kill him.

Of course, this caused outrage that has reached murderous levels. Namely, Dr. Palmer has received a bevy of death threats from animal lovers and PETA members, calling for his hanging. This has compelled the local police in his native Eden Prairie, MN to regularly check up on the dentist and his house.

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