Pharrell Is A Sexist


Happy hitmaker Pharrell covers the February issue of GQ magazine, which is actually The Legacy Project issue, where the mag profiles a number of influential performers who have had an impact in the world of music in the previous year.

Williams talked about various topics, including women and his feminine side. The musician apparently thinks that all ladies are sensitive and magical creatures who can basically predict the future.

His assistant, art director and choreographer are all women because he can relate to them more honestly. Although it’s always good to have someone powerful standing up for women, has Pharrell crossed the line here?

Of course there are magical ladies out there, but there are also magical and kind men in this world and the singer doesn’t seem to agree that men can be honest or sensitive. Additionally, when he talks about females in this way, it appears that he believes that women are not capable of achieving success on their own. Undoubtedly, Williams is a nice guy, but he lives in a bubble and isn’t really in touch with the real world.

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