Perez Hilton’s Shower Selfie With Son Creates Controversy


Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has started a controversy after posting a selfie of himself taking a shower with his two-year-old son. There have been a lot of reactions to the picture, many people saying that it was wrong to do and post, and others getting behind Perez’s decision to take the photo completely.

Many say that it’s not a debate about whether it’s alright to take showers with your children, those who support Perez believe that people are outraged by the photo because Hilton is a gay man taking a shower with a young boy. Some are even calling the condemnation of the picture be people a form of “internalized homophobia.”

Perez is not apologizing for anything. While many have called the photo “creepy” or “weird,” just as many have come out to say that it’s completely natural to bathe with your young children and that they see nothing wrong with it. He posted another picture of his son taking a bath on Instagram and wrote “Don’t let anyone change you” as the caption.

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