Peaches’ Home Targeted By Thieves Twice Since Her Death


Thieves have taken aim at tragically deceased socialite Peaches Geldof. They have targeted her house twice since her death in April 2014.

Her body was found in her home in Kent, England by her husband Thomas Dohen. Thomas has been staying with his mother, with their two children, two son, Astala and Psaedra, since the tragedy.

Since the house has been empty, burglars have stolen a lawnmower from the grounds only a weeks after Peaches passed away.

Her father, Bob Geldof, has hoped to restore the machinery in her memory, as it is portrayed on one of their last photographs.

Their neighbor told Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “I know a mobile lawnmower was taken. Bob wanted to keep it for sentimental reasons, but it was broken so he asked someone to do it up.”

“I spoke to the mechanic but he said in the end they told him he couldn’t repair it as it had been stolen. It’s shocking to think someone would do that so soon after Peaches died.”

Thieves tried their luck again on Friday, May 9 and damaged surveillance cameras, which alerted police to a potential break-in. Police arrived only five minutes later, not giving them the opportunity to take something.

A source told the newspaper, “The house has been empty ever since Peaches died. The vultures who broke in clearly knew that and are preying on the bereaved and her family. It’s a wicked thing to do given what Tom is going through.”

“Whoever was responsible knew full well that there were cameras at the house and deliberately broke them before getting in.”

A representative for Kent Police confirmed the force is investigating both incidents.

Tests have shown Geldof died after taking heroin, and a full inquest to determine the cause of death is due to take place later in July 2014.

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