Parents Suing Midnight Rider Producers for Tragedy


The parents of the camera assistant that was killed while shooting some footage for the Allman Brother’s biopic are suing the makers of the film. The tragedy occurred when the 27 year-old camera assistance Sarah Jones was helping to film some landscape footage in Georgia. She was hit by a train while trying to run to safety.

It should also be noted that the safety of the crew members was put into question by the star of the project, William Hurt, who has no quit the project completely. The movie is called Midnight Rider and it is based on the memoirs of Greg Allman.

The parents of Jones are suing not only the production company, but the owners of the land on which the shot was being filmed as well. This is going to be a massive lawsuit, according to reports.

There are a total of ten individuals being sued in the case, including Allman, who is the executive producer. The case will also be filed against the film’s director Randall Miller and eight other corporations.

According to the suit, the people creating the film selected to film in a very dangerous site and did not secure approval for filming. They also failed to secure the safety of the cast and the crew, according to reports from sources that have knowledge of the suit.

While Jones was the only person that was killed in the accident, six other crew members were injured in the filming as well. Investigators have said that while the film producers did have permission to film on the property, they did not obtain permission to film on the train tracks.

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