Paltrow Using Mother’s Day To Save Face


Remember when actress Gwyneth Paltrow made some comments earlier this year that rubbed at lot of mom’s wrong? Well, she trying to make good with some new comments made on Mother’s Day.

In April, she made a comment in which she suggested that celebrity mom’s have a much harder time raising children than every mom’s do.

Even though it might not have been exactly what she wanted to say, this is the way it was taken by many, and tons of moms turned against her.

She made a statement on her blog on Mother’s Day wishing all mothers a happy day, adding that she would really like to end the “mommy wars” that her comments in April started.

In the original comment, she was asked why she has only made one movie since having children. She said that working on a movie is a very difficult job that requires her to work for 12 or more hours a day.

She added that it’s hard to be the person that has to take care of the kids, feed them, take them to school and put them bed when she is on set all day.

These comments were taken by many mothers as the star saying that being a movie star is a much harder job than being a regular working mom. And because of this, she was met with a lot of criticism.

Paltrow says that it was absolutely not her intention to say anything like that, adding that she understands how hard all working mothers have to work in order to take care of their kids and balance their jobs with being a mom at the same time.

She said that women in general are too hard on each other and judge each other too much, especially when it comes to disagreements on what it takes to be a mother. Paltrow asked for reconciliation in the end of her statement.

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