Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Still Business Partners After Breakup


Celebrity rock couple Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne announced last weekend that they will be ending their 33-year marriage, but that does not mean that they are going to go their separate ways completely. As most know, Sharon has been Ozzy‘s manager for decades now and is responsible for making him a star that transcended simply heavy metal lore.

According to the couple, Sharon is still the boss and will still be in control of Ozzy‘s career, even though it’s probably not going to last much longer. The Osbournes announced that Ozzfest will no longer be a thing, but that the music festival will be merging with another big heavy metal festival – Knotfest. For those who don’t know, Iowa-metallers Slipknot run that festival.

Speaking on future music plans for Ozzy himself, Sharon said that after Black Sabbath‘s final tour is over, she would like Ozzy to do a farewell tour for fans of his solo music as well.

Rumors say that Sharon decided to end the relationship after Ozzy cheated on her with a much-younger hairdresser. While Ozzy won’t confirm that, he has stated several times that it has nothing to do with his sobriety, adding that he has been clean for over three years.

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