Odd Future Rapper Not Amused By New Taylor Swift Video


Country and pop star Taylor Swift has released a new video for the song called Shake it Off, in which she is having a laugh at all of the people who have criticized her dancing and made fun of her.

However, the video is now drawing a completely different type of criticism.

Swift is being criticized by outspoken rapper Earl Sweatshirt of the Odd Future rap clique. According to the young rap, who said that he hadn’t even seen the video, Swift is perpetuating offensive black stereotypes.

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He went on Twitter to say that even without watching it, he knows that the video is “inherently offensive and ultimately harmful. Sweatshirt continued to say that the video perpetuates these black stereotypes to a demographic who “hide their prejudice by proclaiming their love for the culture.”

We wonder if Swift is going to respond to him – probably not.

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